Fujifilm X series: back to the rangefinder

My Fujifilm X experience:

I started taking pictures at the end of the last century when was only used film. In the beginning of my photo-journalist career, in my bag were two Nikon F3, some lens from 20 mm to 200mm and one Leica M4-2 rangefinder, without meter, that for me was the best reportage and street photography camera. With the transition to digital I started using Canon from 5d to 5D mkII and 7d. Digital Leica M has arrived a bit late and especially at very high prices for me.


Meanwhile, I'm always around to do reportage or street photography, the camera bag is always with me and the full frame reflex with their lenses are top quality but are heavy and big…Some time ago my friend Piero put me up a Fujifilm XE-2, and in that moment something changed in my photographer's life, I tested the camera and felt in love…




Because I again had the feeling of holding a small rangefinder camera, the one with which you're invisible unobtrusive and fast in the shots and movements among the people.


The viewfinder of Fuji XE-2 has very high quality and, with its vision of 100%, does not make you regret nor the reflex or the rangefinder.


The Fuji X-series cameras are built for the needs of photographers and are always being improved in accordance with the needs of photographers.


Fast autofocus that provides multiple shooting mode, a sensor and a processor that allows you to photograph extraordinary even at high 6400 ISO.


Fuji optical range is continuously growing.




In my bag, during the reportage on Umbria Jazz 2016, I brought with me:

- body Fujifilm XE-2 camera,

- zoom Fuji XF 18-50 f 2.8 R

- zoom Fuji XF 55-200 f 3,5/4,8 R

- lens Fuji XF 35 mm f 1.4 R

- lens Leitz M Summicron 50 mm (with adapter ring)


I spent a week of hard work around Perugia with excellent results, little weight on my shoulders but mostly the feeling of having in hand a Great Camera!


I'm sure with Fujifilm XE-2 I found my definitive Camera.

The next step will be to tile it at Fujifilm XT-2


 My favorite tools:
-Fujifilm XE-2
-Fujinon 35 f 1.4
-Weston Master V